Artikelnr: OFT-15 / IPOF-15-C-Z3735F
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Open Frame Panel PC

IPOF 15 (15.6” Full HD display)

The IPOF series offers a complete kit/package for open frame mounted applications. This serie is low cost but still provides high quality and industrial reliability.

IPOF has no fans or other moving parts which ensures reliable run time and long product life.

The IPOF series is final configured, assembled, repaired & serviced in Sweden.

Android, Linux, Windows

Equipped with Intel® Atom™ Z3735F CPU the IPSRU is prepared and does support Android, Ubuntu and Windows 10 on the same hardware platform.

In Wall Mounting

The IPOF can be beautifully integrated into a end-application/product or in-wall mounted to be kept well protected.

See the datasheet under support.

Datasheet for IPOF15

Datasheet for IPOF15