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Artikelnr: 6710-064
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RS232 Bluetooth adapter.

The most stable way to connect a bluetooth communication to your device. The LM048 will let handle the bluetooth communication and let your OS detect it as a true RS232 device instead of having Windows or other OS handle the Bluetooth stack.

This adapter provides RS232 cable replacement for devices which use RTS/CTS flow control or DTR DSR Handshaking. This Adapter can be powered from RS232 Pin 9 or from Mini USB Port via the AC mains adapter or Mini USB-USB cable. Our new patented firmware replicated all RS232 control signals (DTR, DSR, RTS, and CTS) transfer over Bluetooth link

- Supports up to 100 meters (open space)

- Ability to transfer DTR, DSR, RTS and CTS line status over air providing Serial Cable replacement

- Supports Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) and Generic Access Profile (GAP)

LM048V2 Datasheet

Datasheet for LM048V2 Bluetooth module