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Tactile vKeyboard

Virtual onscreen keyboard, customizable and easy to use

In tight environments where every space is essential it can be hard to fit all necessary computer accessories such as keyboards. With Tactile’s onscreen keyboard vKeyboard we have removed the physical hardware keyboard and replaced it with software. The power of the touch screen allows the user to input any data quick and easy by touching the screen. The keyboard can be hidden and shown at any time and works with all applications.


vKeyboard is a highly customizable on-screen keyboard available for Microsoft Windows™ products. The size and content of the keyboards, multiple views and easy show and hide functions can be adjusted for your specific needs. vKeyboard has almost no limitations when it comes to layout of the software. Any desired buttons can be added in any wanted size and appearance. The setup controls if the virtual keyboard should be shown in the top, middle, bottom, left-right, be visible on half the screen, quarter of the screen etc. The keyboard can also be set to re-dimension the screen view port, this is ideal to prevent any applications to be hidden underneath the vKeyboard once brought up visible.

Included with all Tactile products

This software is included in a standard version with all Tactile computers by default. If you need a specific layout or function please let us know.

System Specification


Windows XP & 7