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D-RAM Mounting kit medium

The D-Ram kit with a medium arm is a possible mounting kit for Tactile R-PPC and other products with hole pattern according to VESA 75x75 mm or 100x100 mm.

Recommended max load is about 6.75 kg.

Included in mounting kit:

  • - 1 pcs square plate VESA
  • - 1 pcs medium arm 213 mm
  • - 1 pcs D-RAM round base

VESA and AMPs standard

The square plate VESA is attached to the backside of the computer and the D-RAM round base is screwed to the appropriate attachment point. The D-RAM round base has pre drilled holes according to the AMPs standard.

Max weight
Max weight

6.75 kg


213 mm

Hole pattern to the Panel PC


75 mm x 75 mm
100 mm x 100 mm

Hole pattern to the attachment point

Hole pattern
Hole pattern

AMPs standard